Whatever You Do, Do Well!

Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom. – Ecclesiastes 9:10 NLT

Have you ever wondered why you got married? Really, why do we get married, and why did you get married?

Was it because it’s what people do, or what was expected of you and the next obvious thing to do in the cycle of life? Or was it because you met this wonderful man (or woman) and couldn’t bear the thought of life without him or her! Was it becasue all your friends were getting married? Or because…..(fill in the gap!)

Have you ever given it a thought? Seriously, what were you thinking when you made those promises … “to love, to hold, to honour and to cherish from this day forward…”

The questions today are to encourage you to take a moment to think about why you got married and the commitments and promises you made. The Preacher in Ecclesiastes asks us to do whatever we do, well. God expects and desires that we excel in every area of our lifes – including our marriages too.

Whatever your reasons were for getting married, please do your best to excel in your marriage, and in other areas of life too. Remember, whatever you do, do well!

You also cannot do it on your own and need God’s help. We pray that God will give you His grace to enjoy your marriage and that your marriage will be blissful and a source of inspiration to many around you.

4 thoughts on “Whatever You Do, Do Well!

  1. On point!
    The REASON for marrying a person and ways to handle(doing all it takes to do right in marriage) it with GOD’s help is so vital….Thanks for this and GOD BLESS you!

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