Self Belief

Self belief is one of the key attributes that defines an Olympic Champion. They become champions the moment they realise that they are capable of acheiving what it takes to take part in the Olympics. Everyone who competes in the Olympics had that self belief that they can be the best and that would have contributed to their getting up daily and putting in hours and hours of practice.

The journey to becoming a champion in any area of life starts with self belief. Self-belief, – a trust in one’s positive characteristics, self confidence or self worth , It requires a knowledge and faith in who we are and agreeing we are who God says we are.

Self belief is also a key factor in building a marriage fit for champions. Just like the Olympic champions, husbands and wives must develop an unflinching belief too that they can make their marriage work and get the best out of it. Each spouse must want the best for the marriage and be prepared to put in hours of preparation to make it work. This works best when both parties are commited but even the self belief of one spouse can go to great lengths to change a marriage

So the first attribute of great Olympians that we can apply to our marriage is self belief.

Let us have that self belief that we can make our marriages to be marriages fit for champions, and let us go one step further by putting in the hours and hours of practice that it will require. Let us continue to look for ways to provoke one another to love and to good deeds.

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