Marriage for Champions eBook – Out Now!

My eBook titled “Building a Marriage Fit for Champions” is out now on Amazon Kindle. You can get the book from Amazon by clicking on the image.

The inspiration for the eBook came from the London 2012 Olympics. In the run up to the Olympics, there were lots of preparations in London, with organisations putting in place changes to cope with the expected turnout at the games.

The ebook looks at the Olympic and Paralympic champions and the men and women involved in the games. It looks at how the inspiration and power of the Olympics can be used as a catalyst for positive change and an inspiration for marriage.

If you look at the Olympic champions, they all have certain attributes which puts them at the pinnacle of their sports. If we understand these attributes, and apply them to other areas of life – including our marriage, then we can become champions too in these areas of life.

The ebook is unique in that while the Olympics has been used to motivate sports and businesses, the ebook applies the inspiration to marriage. It aims to inspire the reader to become a champion in their marriage and to go beyond that by championing the cause for marriage!

While you may know lots of people who are champions in their sports, but have not been able to make a success of other areas of their life, it doesn’t subtract from the fact that if they applied the same principles they applied to their sports to everything else, they would be all-round champions.

Please get a copy of the ebook from Amazon and I am sure you will be blessed. Please leave a comment on the blog at or a review at Amazon!

Above all, I pray it inspires you to build a great marriage and enjoy your marriage!

You don’t need a Kindle reader to get a book from Amazon, you can download the Kindle App for Android, PC, Blackberry or Apple device from the relevant App store.



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