Date Nights

An article in the London Metro on Friday had this title – “Only a PM has the time for romantic date nights.”

I thought Presidents and Prime Ministers only kiss and hug after debates and speeches… apparently they go on dates and romantic night outs too! No wonder the economy is in such a mess!! Only God knows what they get up to when we are not looking!

The article talks about UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and his wife, Samantha taking time out to go for a curry together during the party conference in Birmingham (on David’s birthday) and also Michelle Obama talking about Friday or Saturday being “date night” for her and her husband.

Acccording to the article, the concept of their date nights serve two purposes. One, to make us believe that they are the examples of a perfect relationship and two, that they do normal couple stuff, just like the rest of us.

The writer suggested this is not real because “nobody in London has the time for date night, Not once per month, let alone each week” and that normal couples would spend date nights needling each other for not taking out the washing, looking at their mobiles etc. and she is absolutely right!

The link to the article is shown below and it makes an interesting read

A lot of couples before getting married spend a lot of time having “date nights” and doing lots of fun things together. However, once they are married, their attention shifts towards paying the mortgage and taking care of children.

It’s important that we set aside time for the family and also quality time to spend together, in spite of our busy schedules. This will have a positive effect on our marriage.

So, set up “date nights” with your spouse. Not all date nights have to involve spending money and going out though – There are loads of things you could do together.

Do you have any ideas for a date night?

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