Apps and Marriage.


Do  you take time to consider the effects of how you use social media, mobile and web apps usage on your marriage and family?

Web and mobile apps have becoming an intrinsic part of our lives and are changing the way we relate to each other. A lot of us now spend so much time on these apps, sometimes  to the detriment of those closest to us physically.

We browse the Internet, watch videos, read emails, carry out transactions, listen to music, check Facebook and social media sites etc on them. We use them as satnavs, portable WiFi hotspots, camcorders, Bibles, compasses, eReaders etc.

A lot of these apps are actually very useful and can serve very good purposes e.g. there are Bible study mobile phone apps and Bible study groups on Facebook and there are apps which can help us keep in touch with families, encourage others, share our faith etc.

It is however important that we constantly review how we use them as they can affect our relationships in a negative way if we are not careful. For example, spouses behaviour with the opposite sex on Facebook has become a prominent reason for divorce, and a third of divorce petitions in the UK now feature the word Facebook, according to Divorce Online.

Facebook itself is not necessarily the problem just as all the other apps are not the issue, but we need to be careful how we use it and all the other tools.

We need to think of the implication of all our actions. Always check that your actions online are in line with God’s word and will not have a negative impact on your marriage and family.

“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus…” (Colossians 3:17 NLT)


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